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The Teacher's Warning

By Pastor John Bingham

James 3:1, “My brethren, be not many masters, knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation.”

In our text, the word “masters” is defined a person who teaches. Teachers have a great responsibility. They are responsible to teach truth both in word and in deed. Many people today fall for all kinds of false teachers, but these teachers are ignorant of the Word of God. So a wise teacher realizes their dependence on the Lord for their help.

Throughout His time here, Jesus proved himself a perfect teacher. He not only taught perfectly, but he lived it as well. He was able to demonstrate to His disciples through His life the lessons that He taught them. We are thankful for teachers that follow Christ’s example.

When a teacher grows in popularity, it is easy to allow pride to blind him from seeking the Lord’s help in teaching the Word of God. I am reminded of what a preacher said of another young man who had just started out in the ministry. When someone pointed out his prideful attitude, the preacher said of the young man, “Yes, he thinks he is the fourth person of the Trinity.”

We all have opportunity to teach. A father or mother will teach their child. A grandparent will help their grandchild to learn the Bible. An aunt or uncle can sit that nephew or niece on their knee and guide them in the way of the Lord. No matter what opportunity we have, may we be able to teach with the spirit of Christ. Sharing truth with a humble spirit.

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