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Karate For Christ

Hillside Baptist Taekwondo Ministry believes there is only one master of our lives, and that is Jesus Christ. We believe that Christianity and TaeKwonDo together can strengthen our mind, body and spirit.

Who is able to participate?

Hillside Baptist Taekwondo Club is open for people of all ages.  Children five and younger must have an adult accompany them during the class.  


What does it cost?

Class sessions are free!  There is a start up cost of $40 to purchase your uniform and first belt.  Each time you test, there is a fee associated with the testing to help cover the costs of the testing.  Tournaments and other events also cost extra, their costs vary.

When are the Classes?

Taekwondo classes are Monday and Thursdays at 6:30 pm.  

Our Instructor

Gary Tolbert is the instructor of Hillside Baptist Taekwondo Club.  He is a first degree blackbelt and will be testing for his second degree soon!

What do I wear?

Your first class, wear comfortable fitting wind pants and T-shirt.  Please do not wear clothing that advertises any immoral products. 

What do I need to do before coming?

Fill out a New Student Information and Consent Form and just show up.  You can call the church office at 417-865-7286 and the instructors will be ready for you.



The tenets of Taekwondo are the foundation of ethics that the Hillside student is to strive to live by.

Courtesy - Extending a sincere will be kind, thankful and loyal. Offering another that which you are aware is needed. Respecting others feeling, beliefs, and belongings. Being polite.

Integrity  -Having the ability to tell right from wrong and if wrong having the ability to feel guilt. Admitting flaws and working to correct them. Staying the course and proceeding with what is right and just.

Perseverance - Keeping an eye on your goals and constantly striving to attain them regardless of circumstance or obstacle.

Self Control - The ability to maintain a calm self in the face of any adversity. Working to control your own thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Indomitable Spirit - Having the courage to continue regardless of opinion of others or obstacles in your path. Not allowing your goals to be destroyed by the thoughts or actions of others.


Hillside students will end each class by reciting the spirit of Taekwondo as follows.

“Sir, I will practice in the spirit of Taekwondo,

having honor with myself,

loyalty to my instructors,

and respect for my juniors and seniors, Sir.”

Belt Rank Color Definitions

We use a 10 belt ranking system with a six color history and meaning.

White The Color of white signifies purity with no previous knowledge of  TaeKwonDo.

Yellow The color of the sun. Yellow represents strength as all living things gather strength and energy from the sun.

Orange Simply another form of Yellow, and shares the same definition.

Camo Simply another form of Green, and shares the same definition.

Green The color of green represents growth. All green living things grow after receiving energy from the sun.

Purple Simply another form of Blue, and shares the same definition.

Blue The color blue represents the Sky. Setting new goals to reach the sky as the limit.

Brown Simply another form of Red, and shares the same definition.

Red Red signifies danger. Developing powerful technique, but needs controlled.

Black Black represents all the colors combined. All the knowledge of the previous colors combined, the black belt is ready to begin the advanced stage of the Marshall Art of Taekwondo.

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