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Join us for these exciting events coming up this summer! You and your family are not going to want to miss out!

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Vacation Bible School

Listen! Can you hear a howler monkey screeching and insects buzzing? Look! Do you see a sloth hanging from a tree and a jaguar crouching, ready to pounce? Smell! Is that the aroma of tropical flowers wafting through the air? Touch! Do you feel soft grass under your feet and gentle rain on your skin? Taste! Is that delicious milk from a coconut and exotic spices from the rainforest? 

Join us in a world of wonder that will delight our senses while captivating our hearts and minds at The Great Jungle Journey: An Epic Cruise from Genesis to Revelation. We will cruise through jungle rivers, making stops at seven ports of call along the way-each starting with a C. These represent seven key biblical events-the true 7 C's of History. 

Day 1: Creation-Our first C takes us back to the beginning of time and the creation of the universe when it was all good. 

Day 2: Corruption and Catastrophe-Next, Adam sinned, which affected his descendants, who were so wicked that God sent a global flood as judgment for their sin. 

Day 3: Confusion-The fourth C checks out the events that began at the tower of Babel. Can this be where all the people groups originated from? 

Day 4: Christ and Cross-At these stops, we realize once again that man is sinful and needs a Savior. Hallelujah, God provides one in His Son!

Day 5: Consummation-The last C shows the thrilling conclusion to history when all goes back to very good again, and-best news ever-God wins against sin and Satan.

Prepare to swing into fun as we head out on our jungle river cruise. See you in the rainforest!
The whole family is invited to join us right here at Hillside
July 28th at 6 pm to kick off VBS! Days 2 through 4 will be July 31st through August 2nd from 6 to 8:30 pm. Our wrap-up day will be Sunday, August 4th, at 6 pm. 

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to get your students signed up! 


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